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PPAS Maturity Model®

Ute Franzen-Waschke developed the PPAS Maturity Model® and used the model already with her clients before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we all work. The model has since become more popular and useful among corporate clients as they navigate the work-from-home culture.
The PPAS Maturity Model as such can be used at various stages of any change process and initiative in corporate settings, but also in the public sector and in education. The Model guides in a structured manner though its four dimensions:


There is a User’s Guide available that provides access to ready-to-use templates to start the conversation with employers and employees on the experience of working from home in particular, but also on other change initiatives - with or without a coach - and an overview of how to best navigate through learnings and experiences in a structured, reflective, and forward-looking manner.
On this site, you will find various resources, such as podcasts and videos, as well as articles to support the Model and enhance the experience with it.
Ute is also doing research with the University of Chester in the UK on how structured and guided conversations can help leaders build the necessary skills to succeed in future workplace settings, and to co-create work environments in which both organizations and employees can thrive and succeed.