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Team Coaching

Gain clarity where your team and its members are on the dimensions of the model - be it a team at operational levels or executive levels.
Which segments work well, which ones need tuning or a redirection? Discover and explore in a structured manner what is serving your department and its members and what needs re-adjusting to make it future proof, effective, and high-performing.

Group Coaching

Explore the model and determine your footprint with each dimension in insightful conversations with peers from the same organization or in an exchange with other business leaders, and gain useful outside perspectives. Identify areas where more maturity would bring more effective and efficient outcomes as well as more engagement and fulfillment in the workplace for yourself and your teams. Learn with and from peers from one organization or different organizations and find out where you and your team have already reached a level of maturity that serves your type of business well.

One-to-one Coaching

Helping leaders and direct reports gain clarity around each dimension of the model. The role they play in each piece of the pie, the responsibility they hold and how to manage and navigate the interfaces of each dimension and in the organization consciously.

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